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“The crowns don’t seem to fit our heads” by Andrew Fuller

“I could as often have made similar complaints in return. But let us rather pray for each other and strengthen each other’s hands in the Lord. It is wonderful that God should do anything by such poor, grovelling sinners as we are.

One thing, however, is manifested by it: the work is entirely His own and if we should reach the kingdom of God at last, it must be by great grace. God has honoured us not a little by employing us in this great work. But as the honour does not belong to us, we must return it.

The crowns do not seem to fit our heads. Therefore, they must be cast at the feet of Jesus.”

–Andrew Fuller, as quoted in James Culross, William Carey (New York: A.C. Armstrong, 1882), 78. This is excerpted from a letter Fuller wrote to Carey in 1803.

[HT: Seth Wachtel]

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