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June 2022

The Economy of the Covenants / Herman Witsius

Jesus and the God of Classical Theism / Steven Duby

Biblical Reasoning / Jamieson & Wittman

Trinitarian Dogmatics / Glenn Butner

He is Not Ashamed / Erik Raymond

God, Technology, and the Christian Life / Tony Reinke

The Life We’re Looking For / Andy Crouch

Dictionary of Latin and Greek Theological Terms / Richard Muller

Bleak House / Charles Dickens

The Samurai / Shusaku Endo

The Fortune of War / Patrick O’Brian

Master of the Senate (LBJ Vol. 3) / Robert Caro

The Religion of American Greatness / Paul D. Miller

Pieces of the Frame / John McPhee

Rogues / Patrick Radden Keefe

Rembrandt’s Eyes / Simon Schama

English Pastoral / James Rebanks

Selected Poems / William Wordsworth

The Mating Season / P.G. Wodehouse

2022 Book Log

  1. Macbeth / William Shakespeare / Better Every Time
  2. Augustine as Mentor / Edward Smither / Tedious
  3. Leviathan Wakes / James S.A. Corey / Ripping
  4. Reformed Ethics, Vol. 2 / Herman Bavinck / Illuminating
  5. Caliban’s War / James S.A. Corey / Ripping
  6. A Line to Kill / Anthony Horowitz / Clever
  7. Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor / Yossi Halevi / Insightful
  8. Ploductivity / Douglas Wilson / Useful
  9. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy / John le Carré / Brilliant
  10. Redeeming Your Time / Jordan Raynor / Outstanding
  11. Work and Our Labor in the Lord / Jim Hamilton / Quite Good
  12. The Gospel at Work / Traeger & Gilbert / Helpful
  13. Be Thou My Vision / Jonathan Gibson / Better Every Time
  14. Abaddon’s Gate / James S.A. Corey / Okay
  15. The Fellowship of the Ring / J.R.R. Tolkien / Better Every Time
  16. The Seventh / Richard Stark / Ripping
  17. Reading the Times / Jeffrey Bilbro / Hodgepodgey
  18. A Dozen Things God Did with Your Sin / Sam Storms / Spectacular
  19. Slow Horses / Mick Herron / Decent
  20. In His Image / Jen Wilkin / Wonderful
  21. The Path to Power / Robert Caro / Unbelievable
  22. Pacific Crucible / Ian Toll / Great
  23. The Conquering Tide / Ian Toll / Great
  24. Twilight of the Gods / Ian Toll / Great
  25. The Sour Lemon Score / Richard Stark / Ripping
  26. Desolation Island / Patrick O’Brian / Brilliant
  27. The Bruised Reed / Richard Sibbes / Better Every Time
  28. The Great Gatsby / F. Scott Fitzgerald / Better Every Time
  29. Piranesi / Susanna Clarke / Better Every Time
  30. We Go On / John Onwuchekwa / Meaningful
  31. True Grit / Charles Portis / Better Every Time
  32. Beowulf: A New Translation / Tr. Seamus Heaney / Better Every Time
  33. Wise Counsel / John Newton / Better Every Time
  34. Cryptonomicon / Neal Stephenson / Better Every Time
  35. A Time for Mercy / John Grisham / Better Every Time
  36. Strange New World / Carl Trueman / Excellent
  37. Be Thou My Vision / Jonathan Gibson / Better Every Time
  38. The Gospel and Personal Evangelism / Mark Dever / Better Every Time
  39. The Goldfinch / Donna Tartt / Better Every Time
  40. Dead Lions / Mick Herron / Pretty Good
  41. Typology / Jim Hamilton / Textual
  42. All Quiet on the Western Front / Erich Maria Remarque / Better Every Time
  43. The Survival of the Bark Canoe / John McPhee / Intriguing
  44. The Racketeer / John Grisham / Meh
  45. Sea of Tranquility / Emily St. John Mandel / Fabulous
  46. City on Fire / Don Winslow / Ripping
  47. Broken / Don Winslow / Pretty Good
  48. Means of Ascent (LBJ Vol. 2) / Robert Caro / Gobsmacking
  49. The Institute / Stephen King / Better Every Time
  50. It / Stephen King / Still Messy
  51. River of the Gods / Candice Millard / Meh
  52. Everything Sad Is Untrue / Daniel Nayeri / Poignant
  53. Unmasked / Paul Holes / Riveting
  54. Tolkien’s Ordinary Virtues / Mark Eddy Smith / Wise
  55. Cibola Burn / James S.A. Corey / Ripping
  56. The Terminal List / Jack Carr / Ripping
  57. True Believer / Jack Carr / Ripping
  58. Savage Son / Jack Carr / Ripping
  59. The Devil’s Hand / Jack Carr / Ripping
  60. Natural Theology / David Haines / Glorious
  61. Natural Theology / Geerhardus Vos / Underwhelming
  62. Farnsworth’s Classical English / Ward Farnsworth / Exquisite


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41 thoughts on “Currently Reading

  1. Have you ever read Thomas Sowell? Not a Christian author but I note you intermingle your reading with non-Christian works, and Sowell is one of the best on contemporary culture issues. One of his ‘must-reads’ is “Black Rednecks – White Liberals”.

    • Dear Michael,

      Yes, I’ve read a couple of Thomas Sowell’s books. I really enjoyed “A Conflict of Visions.” I’ll keep an eye out for the book you mentioned. Sounds interesting.

      Blessings to you,


  2. Great list! I’m adding a few from your list to my own. We live abroad and it’s a bit difficult to find or get good books. Sigh.

    What do you mean by, “Drizzlingly drenched”–the words are fun to say and great as a description–I’m just curious about what you mean. Thanks.

  3. Hello!!!!

    I was just wondering why you thought the book “Tribes” was heretical. Not that I read it or anything and thus disagree with you, but because I had the opportunity to buy it in a Christian conference sort-of-thing. Would you care to briefly explain why this book was so heretical to you? (I know I could just read the book myself to see why…) LOL


    • Hi Paul,

      I was using the adjective “heretical” in the same way Godin uses it in his book. He uses “heretic” in the sense of anyone who does not conform to an established attitude, doctrine, or principle. These kind of “heretics,” according to Godin, create movements in the business world.

      He states: “By challenging the status quo, a cadre of heretics is discovering that one person, just one, can make a huge difference… Heretics are the new leaders. The ones who challenge the status quo, who get out in front of their tribes, who create movements.” (11-12).

      Hope this helps…


  4. Hello Nick, i just found your blog while searching for a quote, and i already added it to my bookmarks :D, great blog. Q. Have you read Francis Chan?

      • Well, i don’t now about Erasing Hell, but Forgotten God is great, also i really recommend Tolstoi’s short story Father Sergius, and The Kingdom of God Is Within You. I really like Tolstoi and Dostoevsky. :D


  5. I would like to clarify, “The kingdom of God is within you” is a great read even though, this book does not explores the concept of grace and redemption through Christ. I believe Tolstoi rejects some Christian tenets like the resurrection, miracles, the virgin birth, etc.. It is more about pacifism and social justice .


  6. Nick,

    Love the blog, love the quotes and your passion for God’s glory and reading to that end. Thank you!

    Would you mind explaining how you go about reading a book? I know that sounds simple, but I’d like to read and would like to be better at it (more comprehension, faster, remembering details longer, etc.). Any help in this direction would be greatly appreciated!

    Best regards,


      • Nick,

        Could you send me a similar email? I too have been curious about how you manage to read so much each year and would like to learn what I can from you. By the way, I’m constantly blessed by your blog and it has been quite a handy resource for looking up quotes and whatnot. Thanks man.


      • I would also like an email with the aforementioned “few thoughts.” I need help in this area! thanks Man! I hope you and the family are doing well.

  7. Hi, I’d love more information on the practical/purposeful side of your reading life: how you read, when you read, how you find time to read, and how you remember what you read. Do you take notes, highlight, write down quotes, etc.? Do you keep books, give them away, etc.? Just started reading more voraciously and would like to find ways to be moer disciplined about it. Also returning to reading lots of classics, and I find myself wishing I had a professor to help me with some of the works, especially those that use vocabulary or cite ideals that had a different meaning contextually that what they have now.

  8. One other question! I came here today to find the name of the book on Hebrews that I thought I saw under your “currently reading” list. I don’t see it here now. Did you take it down, or am I mistaken? Would you mind telling me the name, unless you strongly disliked it? Thanks!

  9. Nick, the blog is WONDERFUL!! I was googling a Tozier quote and ended up on your blog… I was so excited to find this great resource and then all the more to see that it was your work :) Please say hello to Allison for us… hope all is well in DC!
    – Laura (and Jay) Thompson

  10. Of your 2014 reads, I’ve read Hatchet, some of the Heidelberg Catechism, the first 3 Harry Potter books, Pilgrim’s Progress. I have a long way to go – hope to read more this year!

  11. I just discovered your site from Challies’ list of links for top books for 2015. I love the wide variety of books you seem to read, and enjoy the one-word descriptions you give for each one. My blog is dedicated to recommending and reviewing books I feel every Christian should read. Since I work a 40 hr/week job now, I unfortunately don’t have as much time to read and write as I did when I started blogging a few years ago. While you’re reading about two books per week, I’m currently closer to two per month; so I’m trying to focus on quality rather than quantity at this point! I look forward to following your recommendations and reviews in the future. God Bless!

  12. Have you read Not A Fan by Kyle Idleman?
    It’s a good book. Confirmational and convicting all at once.
    I’m enjoying (and am challenged/encouraged) by your blog. I’ve only been here a couple of weeks but I have copied the link to my home screen right beside Chambers and Spurgeon. Thanks for your efforts.

  13. Hi Nick

    I stumbled across your blog the other day & I’m really glad that I did. I love the breadth of reading material. There is a healthy balance of sound evangelical Theology with lots of other interesting stuff. You have presented me with loads of books I want to investigate.

    As a husband, father, & pastor how do you fit it all in? Could you provide a rough guide in terms of when you read & how much per week? I’ve just noticed that others have asked similar questions (Lauren L in particular) & you haven’t responded for several years. Oh well here’s to trying!



      • Nick, I have similar questions that Andrew has. I love this blog. Here are my questions:

        How do you fit it all in?
        How do you determine your reading list?

        Hope you are doing well and I look forward to your reply.

  14. Thank you for all the wonderful and inspirational reading ideas! I too would love to hear more about how you go about choosing books and finding time to read. All the Light You Cannot See was a favorite for me this year, along with Jerry Bridges’ Pursuit of Holiness. Thank you!
    Chris in MN

  15. Hi Nick, it appears you are being “called” to give a short class entitled ” How I Do It”. I too am interested in learning what I can. Then again, it could be you just have that gift! ;-)

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