“Glory to crown it all” by Charles Spurgeon

“There is no end to the blessing which God gives to His chosen. He is always blessing us with blessings upon blessings, grace upon grace, and then there will be glory to crown it all. Blessed be His holy name for ever and ever.”

–Charles H. Spurgeon, The Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Sermons, Vol. LIII (London: Passmore & Alabaster, 1907), 360. This is from an exposition of Ephesians 1:1-14 preached on November 9th, 1871.

“Great likeness to Jesus” by Robert Murray M’Cheyne

“It is not great talents God blesses so much as great likeness to Jesus.”

–Robert Murray McCheyne and Andrew A. Bonar, Memoir and Remains of the Rev. Robert Murray McCheyne (Edinburgh; London: Oliphant Anderson & Ferrier, 1894), 241.

“The devil’s great enemy” by Martin Luther

“It is a great and special blessing when people in a marriage endure well. They are the devil’s great enemy.”

–Martin Luther, Off the Record With Martin Luther: An Original Translation of the Table Talks, trans. and ed. Charles Daudert (Kalamazoo, MI: Hansa-Hewlett, 2009), entry no. 1794, p. 43.

“A holy minister” by Robert Murray M’Cheyne

“Do not forget the culture of the inner man– I mean of the heart. How diligently the calvary officer keeps his sabre clean and sharp; every stain he rubs off with the greatest care. Remember you are God’s sword, his instrument– I trust, a chosen vessel unto Him to bear His name.

In great measure, according to the purity and perfection of the instrument, will be the success. It is not great talents God blesses so much as likeness to Jesus. A holy minister is an awful weapon in the hand of God.”

–Robert Murray M’Cheyne, as quoted in Charles Spurgeon, Lectures to My Students (Carlisle, PA: Banner of Truth, 1875-94/2008), 2.

“All the blessings God has for us” by D.A. Carson

“Everything that is coming to us from God comes through Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus has won our pardon; He has reconciled us to God; He has canceled our sin; He has secured the gift of the Spirit for us; He has granted eternal life to us and promises us the life of the consummation; He has made us children of the new covenant; His righteousness has been accounted as ours; He has risen from the dead, and all of God’s sovereignty is mediated through Him and directed to our good and to God’s glory. This is the Son whom God sent to redeem us. In God’s all-wise plan and all-powerful action, all these blessings have been won by His Son’s odious death and triumphant resurrection. All the blessings God has for us are tied up with the work of Christ.”

–D.A. Carson, A Call to Spiritual Reformation (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, 1992/2006), 189.