“In This Rebel World” by D.A. Carson

“In This Rebel World” by D.A. Carson
From “New Songs for the People of God – Vol. One”

In this rebel world where we fear the light,
All our gods must be domesticated, tame;
But the Sov’reign Lord, who sees through the night
Is not threatened by pretensions built on shame.
In majestic splendor God rules throughout our days:
He is holy in his deeds and wise in all his ways.
Mighty Babylon, and the Third Reich too,
Join the dust of empires that have passed away.
Full of strutting pride, mouthing boasts untrue,
They lie crushed before the God whose word holds sway.
Surely all the nations are dust upon the scales,
So with whom will you compare this God whose will prevails?
Not the patriarchs, not the priestly clans,
Not the wise in all their learning glimpsed the cross;
Not the royal court, not the zealot bands,
Thought that God would buy back rebels at such cost.
Who has comprehended the wisdom of the Lord?
For the grandeur of his plans our God must be adored!
Who will take the scroll in the Sov’reign’s hand,
Break the seals and bring God’s purposes to pass?
While we wait in fear at what God has planned,
From the throne the Lion roars — and death has passed.
Sing to Christ the Conqu’ror a new song full of praise,
For the triumph of the Lamb means God will have his way.
I am he that liveth, that liveth and was dead;
And behold, I am alive, alive forevermore.

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