“O Gracious Redeemer, O Lord Crucified!” by Nick Roark

In October 2003, I wrote a hymn inspired by what I learned at the Jonathan Edwards Conference in Minneappolis, MN. It is to the tune of “How Firm A Foundation.”

“O Gracious Redeemer, O Lord Crucified!” by Nick Roark

O gracious Redeemer, O Lord crucified!
For wretched, rebellious, dead sinners You died!
You bore on the cross the dark curse meant for me.
The sinless was punished; the sinful set free.

The Lamb is the One who is mighty to save.
Our King conquered death when He rose from the grave.
And He hath secured me that twin-truth divine,
God’s wrath He removed and His righteousness mine.

When we finish the race sovereign grace hath begun
We shall gaze in the face of the glorious Son.
Our chorus shall join with the angels above
As we praise our great Savior’s omnipotent love.

Our fullness of joy in the Lord shall increase
Forever and ever and never shall cease.
The source of our boundless delight is in He
Who is Almighty God, Lord of Hosts, One in Three.

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One response to ““O Gracious Redeemer, O Lord Crucified!” by Nick Roark

  1. dana

    This is great, Nick! Have you tried it to the tune of “O Worship the King”? It gives the second half of each stanza a bit more of a sense of building…and finally celebration of the closing truths in each final line. Of course, it doesn’t fit exactly as is, but not too hard to alter a little.

    Just a thought! Really blessed by this!

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