Fairest Lord Jesus by John Flavel

“What shall I say of Christ? The excelling glory of that object dazzles all apprehension, swallows up all expression. When we have borrowed metaphors from every creature that has any excellency or lovely property in it, till we have stript the whole creation bare of all its ornaments, and clothed Christ with all that glory; when we have even worn out our tongues, in ascribing praises to Him, alas! We have done nothing, when all is done.

Look often upon Christ in this glass; He is fairer than the children of men. View Him believingly, and you cannot but like and love Him. ‘For love, when it sees, cannot but cast out its spirit and strength upon amiable objects and things loveworthy.’ And what fairer things than Christ! O fair sun, and fair moon, and fair stars, and fair flowers, and fair roses, and fair lilies, and fair creatures! But, O ten thousand, thousand times fairer Lord Jesus! Alas, I wronged Him in making the comparison this way. O black sun and moon; but O fair Lord Jesus! O black flowers, and black lilies and roses; but O fair fair, ever fair Lord Jesus! O all fair things, black, deformed, and without beauty, when ye are set beside the fairest Lord Jesus! O black heaven, but O fair Christ! O black angels, but O surpassingly fair Lord Jesus.”

–John Flavel, Fountain of Life Opened Up. (Grand Rapids, MI: Christian Classics Ethereal Library, 2002), pp. 4-5.

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  1. Clay

    Just came across this by Googling the phrase “Tolle Lege….” I recently read Confessions and wanted to see where it turns up!

    This is a great idea for a blog and very well done. I will be helping a friend of mine who is an Elder at our church (Stony Point Pres – PCA – Richmond, VA) put together a Sunday school curriculum based upon classical Christian literature this fall. Needless to say, we may come back to your site for ideas! Don’t worry, we’ll cite you if we quote you!

    Romans 12:2,


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