Why Christ is Precious to Believers by John Owen

“Unto them that believe unto the saving of the soul, He is, He always hath been, precious—the sun, the rock, the life, the bread of their souls—every thing that is good, useful, amiable, desirable, here or unto eternity.  In, from, and by Him, is all their spiritual and everlasting salvation hereafter.  By Him alone do they desire, expect, and obtain deliverance from that woeful apostasy from God… By Him are they brought into the nearest cognation, alliance, and friendship with God, the firmest union unto Him, and the most holy communion with Him that our finite natures are capable of, and so conducted unto the eternal enjoyment of Him.”

–John Owen, The Works of John Owen, ed. William Goold, (Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 1965), Vol. I: p. 3.

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