“Seek the arrows of His love” by Edward Griffin

“While tyrants are wading to power through the blood of slaughtered armies, and marching to the music of a nation’s groans, there is a Conqueror of a far different sort. He too has His arrows and His two-edged sword, and ‘goes forth conquering and to conquer.’ But His track is not marked with desolation and woe. His coming is not proclaimed by the cries of widows and orphans. Mercy is His banner, and with Him marches salvation. He wounds only to heal, and kills only to make alive. ‘On His head’ are ‘many crowns,’ and His name is called, ‘The Word of God.’… Therefore my friends, seek the arrows of His love before the time comes for the arrows of His wrath. Run to the shelter of the Savior before you wish for the shelter of the rocks. May you be a trophy of His grace and rejoice in the day of His coming. Amen.”

–Edward Griffin, “Your Heart His Target or Arrows Sharp in the Heart of Enemies, A sermon on Psalm 45:5.” 

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