“The highest evidence of the care of God towards mankind” by John Owen

“Had we the tongue of men and angels, we were not able in any just measure to express the glory of this condescension; for it is the most ineffable effect of the divine wisdom of the Father and the love of the Son,– the highest evidence of the care of God towards mankind. What can be equal unto it? What can be like it? It is the glory of Christian religion, and the animating soul of all evangelical truth.

This carrieth the mystery of the wisdom of God above the reason or understanding of men and angels, to be the object of faith and admiration only. A mystery it is that becomes the greatness of God, with His infinite distance from the whole creation,– which renders it unbecoming Him that all His ways and works should be comprehensible by any of His creatures.”

-–John Owen, “Meditations and Discourses Concerning the Glory of Christ” in The Works of John Owen, ed. William Goold, (Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 1965), Vol. I: p. 330.

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