“They are like firebrands” by John Calvin

“We should grieve when victory goes to the devil, who is the prince of discord, and when God, who is the author of peace, is shut out. That thought should make us want to put an end to quarrelling. That also is why, contrariwise, God curses all who stir up dissension and conflict among men.

They are like firebrands, who by their gossip incite former friends to hate each other; and when mutual suspicion is aroused, they sneak in and fan the flames. It is as if there were an open wound, and someone were to come and, instead of applying good ointment as a cure, rubbed in poison or venom, making it flare up even worse.”

–John Calvin, Sermons on the Beatitudes, trans. by Robert White (Carlisle, PA.: Banner of Truth, 1562/2006), p. 54-55.

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  1. Awesome quote! Thanks for sharing one that deals with that unspoken/unaddressed and yet so heinous leaven that easily leavens the whole lump.

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