“The devil’s best music is discord” by Thomas Watson

“It is Satan’s great design to set his cloven foot among God’s people to make division and contention among the sons of Zion. The devil’s best music is discord. Oh! Let all Christ’s people, His sheep, flock together and associate in love. Those who hope to meet together in heaven should not fall out by the way. Unity is the great music in heaven. There is unity in the Trinity—and unity among saints would be a great blessing on earth. For Christians to unite is their interest and wisdom; union is their strength, union is their glory and their ornament. This was the honor of the primitive churches, all of one heart, Acts 2:1. There was but one heart among them. Let the sheep of Christ unite together. When the saints are harmoniously united, then they adorn their blessed Shepherd, the Lord Jesus.”

–Thomas Watson, cited from “The Good Shepherd” <http://www.gracegems.org/Watson/good_shepherd.htm&gt; Accessed (9.1.2007).

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