“The simple tragic fact” by Francis Schaeffer

“The church’s or Christian group’s methods are as important as its message. It is to deal consciously with the reality of the supernatural. Anything that exhibits unfaith is a mistake, or may even be a corporate sin. The liberal theologians get rid of the supernatural in their teaching, but the unfaith of the evangelical can in practice get rid of the supernatural.

May I put it like this? If I woke up tomorrow morning and found that all that the Bible teaches concerning prayer and the Holy Spirit were removed (not as a liberal would remove it, by misinterpretation, but really removed) what difference would it make in practice from the way we are functioning today? The simple tragic fact is that in much of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ – the evangelical Church – there would be no difference whatsoever.

We function as though the supernatural were not there. If the Church does not show forth the supernatural in our generation, what will? The Lord’s work done in the Lord’s way does not relate only to its message, it relates also to the method. There must be something the world cannot explain away by the world’s methods, or by applied psychology.”

–Francis Schaeffer, True Spirituality (Carol Stream, IL: Tyndale House, 1971/2001), pp. 150-51.

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  1. I have just finished read True Spirituality a few days ago. The quote which you have is something that I recorded in my journal for that day. Schaeffer understood back in 1971 what theologians in this generation, such as David Wells, is reminding the church about in such books as “No Place For Truth”. In essence, we are abandoning our special privilege and calling which makes Christianity unique and truly powerful in the world.

    Thanks for your post!!!

    Walt Hampel

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