“The gospel of the blessed God does not go abroad begging for its evidence” by Jonathan Edwards

“The gospel of the blessed God does not go abroad a begging for its evidence, so much as some think: it has its highest and most proper evidence in itself. Though great use may be made of external arguments, they are not to be neglected, but highly prized and valued; for they may be greatly serviceable to awaken unbelievers, and bring them to serious consideration, and to confirm the faith of true saints; yea, they may be in some respects subservient to the begetting of a saving faith in men.

Though what was said before remains true, that there is no spiritual conviction of the judgment, but what arises from an apprehension of the spiritual beauty and glory of divine things: for, as has been observed, this apprehension or view has a tendency to convince the mind of the truth of the gospel.”

–Jonathan Edwards, A Treatise Concerning Religious Affections (Whitefish, MT: Kessinger Publishing, 2004), 181. Read online here: http://www.ccel.org/ccel/edwards/works1.vii.iv.vi.html

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