“He continued from the place where he had stopped” by T. H. L. Parker

“Preaching is also bound formally to Scripture, and that so closely that it must always be exposition of Scripture. This can be achieved by preaching on isolated passages like the epistles and gospels for the church year. Following the practice of many of the church fathers, but even more extensively, Calvin preached through whole books of the Bible Sunday after Sunday or day after day.

Indeed, to such a length did he carry this that as he wrote in a letter soon after his return to Geneva in 1541, on his first Sunday in Saint Pierre he continued from the place where he had stopped on Easter Day 1538, ‘by which I indicated that I had interrupted my office of preaching for a time rather that I had give it up entirely.'”

–T. H. L. Parker, John Calvin: A Biography (Louisville: Westminster John Knox Press, 1975/2007), 117.

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