“Because He loves His spouse” by John Owen

“He parted with the greatest glory, He underwent the greatest misery, He does the greatest works that ever were, because He loves His spouse—because He values believers. What can more, what can further be spoken? How little is the depth of that which is spoken fathomed! How unable are we to look into the mysterious recesses of it!

He so loves, so values His saints, as that, having from eternity undertaken to bring them to God, He rejoices His soul in the thoughts of it; and pursues His design through heaven and hell, life and death, by suffering and doing, in mercy and with power, and ceases not until He bring it to perfection.”

–John Owen, Communion With The Triune God, Eds. Kelly M. Kapic and Justin Taylor (Wheaton, Ill.: Crossway Books, 2007), 245.

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