“This book of Psalms” by Jonathan Edwards

“This book of Psalms has such an exalted devotion, and such a spirit of evangelical grace everywhere breathed forth in it! Here are such exalted expressions of the gloriousness of God, and even of the excellency of Christ and His kingdom.

There is so much of the gospel doctrine, grace, and spirit, breaking out and shining in it, that it seems to be carried clear above and beyond the strain and pitch of the Old Testament, and almost brought up to the New. Almost the whole book of Psalms has either a direct or indirect respect to Christ and the gospel which he was to publish.”

–Jonathan Edwards, “God’s Excellencies” in The Works of Jonathan Edwards, Vol. 10, Sermons and Discourses 1720-1723. Ed. Wilson H. Kimnach (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1992), 415.

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