Lord’s Day Hymn – “Love the God that loved thee so”

“Wouldst Thou Learn the Depth of Sin?”
By John Monsell, 1863

Wouldst thou learn the depth of sin,
All its bitterness and pain?
What it cost thy God to win
Sinners to Himself again?
Come, poor sinner, come with me;
Visit sad Gethsemane.

Wouldst thou know God’s wondrous love?
Seek it not beside the throne;
List not angels’ praise above,
But come and hear the heavy groan
By the Saviour heaved for thee,
Sinner, in Gethsemane.

When His tears and bloody sweat,
When His passion and His prayer,
When His pangs on Olivet,
Wake within thee thoughts of care,
Think, O sinner, ’twas for thee
He suffered in Gethsemane!

Hate the sin that cost so dear;
Love the God that loved thee so;
Weep thou must, but likewise fear
Lest thou forget the painful flow,
That gushed so freely once for thee
In sorrowful Gethsemane.

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