“A very loving Comforter” by Charles H. Spurgeon

“God the Holy Ghost is a very loving Comforter. I am in distress, and I want consolation. Some passer-by hears of my sorrow, and he steps within, sits down, and essays to cheer me; he speaks soothing words, but he loves me not; he is a stranger; he knows me not at all; he has only come in to try his skill. And what is the consequence? His words run o’er me like oil upon a slab of marble — they are like the pattering rain upon the rock; they do not break my grief; it stands unmoved as adamant, because he has no love for me.

But let some one who loves me dear as his own life, come and plead with me, then truly his words are music; they taste like honey. He knows the password of the doors of my heart, and my ear is attentive to every word. I catch the intonation of each syllable as it falls, for it is like the harmony of the harps of heaven. Oh! there is a voice in love, it speaks a language which is its own. It has an idiom and a brogue which none can mimic. Wisdom cannot imitate it. Oratory cannot attain unto it. It is love alone which can reach the mourning heart. Love is the only handkerchief which can wipe the mourner’s tears away.

And is not the Holy Ghost a loving comforter? Dost thou know, O saint, how much the Holy Spirit loves thee? Canst thou measure the love of the Spirit? Dost thou know how great is the affection of His soul towards thee? Go measure heaven with thy span; go weigh the mountains in the scales; go take the ocean’s water, and tell each drop; go count the sand upon the sea’s wide shore; and when thou hast accomplished this, thou canst tell how much He loveth thee. He has loved thee long, He has loved thee well, He loved thee ever, and He still shall love thee; surely He is the person to comfort thee, because He loves. Admit Him, then, to your heart, O Christian, that He may comfort you in your distress. ”

-–Charles H. Spurgeon, “The Comforter” in Spurgeon’s Sermons, Vol. 1 (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1996), 73-4.

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