“The poison of self-pity” by William Farley

“Many people in India experience the nightmare of slow, undetected poisoning. Water from wells in rural areas contains trace amounts of arsenic that is killing thousands. Since the poison is colorless and tasteless, the villagers have no way of detecting it. And since the arsenic comes in such minute quantities, the negative effects appear gradually over many years. The symptoms follow a typical pattern. The first outward manifestation is melanosis, or dark spots, occurring on the chest, back, limbs, and gums.

In the more advanced stage, wart-like skin eruptions develop on the hands, feet, and torso, which can lead to skin cancers. Continual poisoning by arsenic results in the enlargement of the liver, kidneys, and spleen which often develop into malignant tumors, lung, skin and bladder cancers, and gangrene. At low concentration levels, it takes between eight and fourteen years for the physical symptoms to emerge. By then it is often too late.

Spiritual poison works the same way. When persistently indulged, it destroys the soul with lethal toxins that, like arsenic, go undetected for years. Such is the deadly sin of self-pity!”
–William P. Farley, “The Poison of Self-Pity,” Journal of Biblical Counseling, Vol. 25, No. 3, 2007, p. 16.

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