“I am learning it” by Martin Luther

“I see a long list of my sins. Even if I had committed no other sins, I have lived in the impiety of monasticism for sixteen years, reading Mass, preaching error and corruption, and misleading myself and others. And yet I am not to look at these sins; I am to act as if I had never committed them.

Again, to this day I feel my lack of the fear of God and of faith and am burdened with that lazy rascal, the old Adam, who tells me nothing good. I do not love God with all my heart… Hence there is no other way to acquire the remission of sins but by closing my eyes and believing that my sins are forgiven… As yet I have not mastered the art of doing this, but I am learning it.”

–Martin Luther, What Luther Says: An Anthology, comp. Ewald M. Plass (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1959), entry no. 4228, 1316.

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