“A blessed and sure hope” by Martin Luther

“O Father of all mercy, you have begun your work in us. Continue to fill us with all dimensions of wisdom and knowledge. May we be fully certain in our hearts and fully aware how the Spirit, who has raised up our Lord, also enlivens the faith within us with the same power and strength. Through Him we have also risen from the dead by His mighty power, which works in us through Your holy Word. Help us to grow in the knowledge of Your dear Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, and to remain firm in confessing His blessed Word.

Give us the love to be agreed in mind and to serve one another in Christ. May we not be afraid of that which is disagreeable, nor of the rage of the flame-hurler whose weapon is almost extinguished. Dear Father, guard us so that his craftiness may not take the place of our pure faith. Grant that our cross and sufferings may direct us to a blessed and sure hope of the coming of our Savior Jesus Christ, for whom we wait each day. Amen.”

–Martin Luther, Luther’s Prayers, Ed. Herbert Brokering (Minneapolis: Augsburg, 1994), no. 90, p. 67.

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