“Messengers of His mercy and love” by Jerram Barrs

“Instead of judging those outside the church, Jesus calls us to imitate Him by loving our enemies, blessing those who curse us, praying for those who mistreat us, doing good to those who hate us. Rather than becoming involved in a war of words against the unrighteous and the ungodly, we are to give ourselves for them, just as Jesus did.

We are called to bear His grace into the world, not His judgment. The time will indeed come for Him to judge, but that is His task and not ours. Our task is to be messengers of His mercy and love into the world, even to those who are our enemies or who are the enemies of the Gospel of Christ and hostile to the commandments of God.”

–Jerram Barrs, The Heart of Evangelism (Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2001), 143-144.

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