Lord’s Day Hymn – “We’ve no abiding city here”

We’ve No Abiding City Here
By Thomas Kelly, 1865

We’ve no abiding city here:
This may distress the worldling’s mind,
But should not cost the saint a tear,
Who hopes a better rest to find.

We’ve no abiding city here:
Sad truth! Were this to be our home!
But let this thought our spirits cheer;
We seek a city yet to come.

We’ve no abiding city here;
We seek a city out of sight.
Zion its name; the Lord is there;
It shines with everlasting light.

Zion! Jehovah is her strength;
Secure she smiles at all her foes;
And weary travellers at length
Within her sacred walls repose.

Hush, my soul, nor dare repine;
The time my God appoints is best;
While here to do His will be mine,
And His to fix my time of rest.

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6 responses to “Lord’s Day Hymn – “We’ve no abiding city here”

  1. Nice post, kind of drawn out though. Really good subject matter though.

  2. caleb

    Excellent hymn. I love this song very much. Why? Because woe unto us if this world is all there is. We seek a better country whose maker and sustainer is God!

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  4. Ongechi Oirongo Amos

    my heart is lifted.amen

  5. Ongechi Oirongo Amos:from Kenya

    may all humanity invest in the very purpose and intent of this hymn

  6. Ongechi Oirongo Amos:from Kenya

    oh yea.The promise of God’s city brings comfort,joy,real hope and the truest and very purpose of human existence.Let’s seek this city with fear and trembling and say :COME,LORD JESUS for we long to realise Your appointed time,Amen.

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