“The Sermon on the Mount sears and burns” by D.A. Carson

“The more I read these three chapters– Matthew 5,6, and 7– the more I am both drawn to them and shamed by them. Their brilliant light draws me like a moth to a spotlight; but the light is so bright it sears and burns. No room is left for forms of piety which are nothing more than veneer and sham. Perfection is demanded. Jesus says, ‘Be perfect…as your heavenly Father is perfect’ (5:48).”

–D.A. Carson, Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and His Confrontation with the World: An exposition of Matthew 5-10 (Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 1987), 11.

[HT: Pritesh Garach]

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2 responses to ““The Sermon on the Mount sears and burns” by D.A. Carson

  1. and that’s why we should have done a series on them….

  2. The Sermon on the Mount the most freeing teaching of the one who came from heaven to teach us how to be perfect as our heavenly father is perfect and to have a righteousness beyond the scribes and pharisees.
    Applied as we have seen throughout church history is to put the believer under a yoke that neither their forefathers could live under nor those of the Old Testament.
    This sermon not only frees us but unlocks the truth through out the New Testament that makes this walk one of freeedom life in the power of the Holy Spirit who is in us and with us to the end of the age.

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