“I have Christ” by Charles H. Spurgeon

“If a man has Christ, then what does he want else? If a man has Christ, he has everything. If I want perfection, and I have Christ, I have absolute perfection in Him. If I want righteousness, I shall find in Him my beauty and my glorious dress.

I want pardon, and if I have Christ, I am pardoned. I want heaven, and if I have Christ, I have the Prince of heaven, and shall be there by-and-bye, to live with Christ, and to dwell in His blessed embrace for ever. If you have Christ, you have all.

Do not be desponding, do not give ear to the whisperings of Satan that you are not the children of God; for if you have Christ, you are His people, and other things will come by-and-bye. Christ makes you complete in Himself; as the apostle says, “Ye are complete in Him.”

I think of poor Mary Magdalene. She would have nothing to bring of her own. She would remember that she had been a harlot but when she comes to heaven’s gates, she will say, ‘I have Christ,’ and the command will go forth, ‘Let her in, Gabriel; let her in.’

If a man has Christ, he has all for eternity. And if he has not Christ, he is poor, and blind, and naked, and will be miserable forever. Will not you, then, who are listening to me now, resolve, in the strength of the Lord, to seek Him at once, and make Him your Friend?

No matter what may be your state or condition, you are invited to come to Him. Ye blind, ye lame, who are far from Christ, come to Him, and receive your sight, and obtain strength! He is made your all; you need bring nothing in your hand to come to Him.

‘Ah!’ says one, ‘I am not good enough yet.’ Beggars do not talk thus: they consider that, the more needy they are, the more likely are they to obtain that for which they ask. The worse the dress, the better for begging. It is the same with respect to the gospel.

You are invited to come to Christ just as you are, naked and miserable, that He may clothe and comfort you.”

–Charles H. Spurgeon, “Christ is All,” an exposition of Colossians 3:11 delivered on February 18, 1915, at the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London, England.

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