“The sole heresy” by D.A. Carson

“The sole heresy has become the view that there is such a thing as heresy.”

–D.A. Carson, Basics For Believers: An Exposition of Philippians (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1996), 14.

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8 responses to ““The sole heresy” by D.A. Carson

  1. Is there something wrong with this quote?

  2. Sorry brothers for any confusion! I should have quoted more of the surrounding context. Carson is lamenting the undermining effect of philosophical pluralism upon the Christian belief in the absolute truth claims of Scripture. In our current intellectual climate, heretical teaching doesn’t offend many people nearly as much as someone actually calling that teaching heretical. In Carson’s words, “The sole heresy has become the view that there is such a thing as heresy.” Does this help at all?


    • Yes that helps. However it would make more since to me if he would have said “.,.there is NOT such a thing as heresy” because that would fit with the relativism of today. Do I make any sense?

      • Zack

        I think what he is saying is that the only thing that people are offended by is someone calling another individual a heretic, or referring to their comments as heresy. We, however, are not offended by the heretical teaching that has come out of that person’s mouths or writings, which ultimately, is the unfortunate part.

  3. I still think he is missing a “not” between “is” and “such”. Oh well… I guess this will remain a mystery for me. LOL

    • He is saying that, in people’s minds today, they aren’t offended by any teaching–no matter how anti-biblical. There is only one thing they are offended by, and that is someone actually standing up and saying, “That’s not a true teaching!” To these people, THAT is “heresy.” Because according to them, we’re all okay and every teaching is valid.

      • I see it now. I was looking at it from our perspective (true Christians) and not from the relativist’s position. To then the only heresy is that there is such a thing as heresy. GOT IT! Thank you!

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