“The sun is an astonishing creation” by Andrew Davis

“The sun is an astonishing creation– a raging inferno of power that in some ways displays God’s transcendence to an arrogant human race. There is nothing humanity can do to the sun, good or bad. We cannot make it brighter or dimmer, larger or smaller, nearer or farther, hotter or cooler. If we decided as a human race that we wanted to destroy the sun, there would be nothing we could do to it.

If we amassed all our thermonuclear weapons and sent them as intergalactic rockets to explode on the surface of the sun, they would never make it but would be incinerated millions of miles away from their destination. NASA is presently planning a solar probe mission that will be able to get only within 3.5 million miles of the surface.

The sun burns on day after day without any visible diminution of its power, so bright we cannot look at it steadily without being blinded. The sun glorifies God by its astonishing power and brightness, and yet the sun was designed with human beings in mind, shining in the sky ‘to give light on the earth’ (Gen. 1:17).”

–Andrew Davis, Creation (The Gospel Coalition Booklets; Wheaton: Crossway, 2011), 16-17.

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