“The intercession of Christ” by Carl Trueman

“When we turn to the intercession of Christ at the Father’s right hand in the present age, we must not think of Christ as somehow begging, cajoling, or bribing the Father to be merciful.

Rather, we should think of the heavenly session of Christ as involving the mutual delight of Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the accomplished work of the Incarnate God and as rejoicing in the great work of salvation.

The Father does not hear the Son’s intercessions unwillingly or impatiently; He takes pleasure in hearing the Son and in granting His requests, for in a very real sense the intercessions of the Son are the deepest intentions of the Father as well.

The very presence before Him of the Son with His wounded hands and side is a source of immeasurable satisfaction, pleasure and joy. This should fill believers with confidence as they pray.

We need no intermediary other than that which we already have in God Incarnate.”

–Carl Trueman, “Seated at the Right Hand of the Father,” Reformation21. As cited on: http://www.reformation21.org/blog/2011/05/seated-at-the-right-hand-of-th.php (Accessed May 9, 2011).

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