“Look at the Crucified One” by Charles Spurgeon

“It is from the cross that both repentance and faith arise. We do not bring these graces to the cross, but find them at the cross. They are love-tokens from Jesus. When He arises in us as the Sun of Righteousness, these are His early beams. Oh, that all poor sinners would come and sit in this sunshine!

When I think of my transgressions, better known to myself than to anyone else, and remember too that they are not known even to me as they are to God, I feel all hope swept away and my soul left in utter despair, until I come anew to the cross, and I think of who it was that died there, and what designs of infinite mercy are answered by His death.

It is so sweet to look at the Crucified One again, and say, ‘I have nothing but Thee, my Lord, no confidence but Thee. If You are not accepted as my substitute then I must perish. If God’s appointed Saviour is not enough then I have no other. But I know You are the Father’s well-beloved, and I am accepted in Thee. You are all I have or want.'”

–Charles H. Spurgeon, Pictures From Pilgrim’s Progress (Pasadena, TX: Pilgrim, 1992), 81.

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