“Prayer on Psalm 145” — The Scottish Psalter

“Thy mercies, LORD, are above all Thy works.
Faithful art Thou in all Thy promises,
And just in all Thy doings.
Be a merciful Father unto us for Christ Jesus Thy Son’s sake.

Govern our ways for we are weak;
Strengthen us for we are frail;
Refresh us for we are famished;
And plentifully bestow Thy good gifts upon us.

Defend us from the snares of Satan, our old enemy,
That he tempt us not out of the right way,
But that we may be evermore ready to praise and glorify Thy holy name,
Through Jesus Christ.


–“Psalm 145″ in Prayers on the Psalms From the Scottish Psalter of 1595 (Carlisle, PA: Banner of Truth, 2010), 145.

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