“The Sun of righteousness” by Richard Sibbes

“If Christ be the Sun of righteousness, we should, when we are cold and benumbed, repair to Him and conceive of Him as one having excellencies suitable to our wants.

Are we dark? He is light. Are we dull? He can heal us. Are we dying? He is life. And are we in discomfort? He is the fullness of love.

He is therefore the Son, that we should seek to Him, and make Him our all in all: our Prophet, to direct us by His light; our Priest, to make atonement for us; our King, to help us overcome all our corruptions and to make us more than conquerors.”

–Richard Sibbes, “The Sun of Righteousness,” in The Works of Richard Sibbes, Ed. Alexander Grosart (Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, Repr. 2001), 7:171.

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