“Repose upon God alone” by John Calvin

“‘For Thou hast done great things.’ If we attribute to God’s known power the praise which is due to it, we will never want ground for entertaining good hope.

Finally, our sense of the goodness of God should extend so far as to ravish us with admiration; for thus it will come to pass that our minds, which are often distracted by an unholy disquietude, will repose upon God alone.

If any temptation thrusts itself upon us, we immediately magnify a fly into an elephant; or rather, we rear very high mountains, which keep the hand of God from reaching us; and at the same time we basely limit the power of God.

The exclamation of David, then, ‘Who is like Thee?’ tends to teach us the lesson, that we should force our way through every impediment by faith, and regard the power of God, which is well entitled to be so regarded, as superior to all obstacles.

All men, indeed, confess with the mouth, that none is like God; but there is scarce one out of a hundred who is truly and fully persuaded that He alone is sufficient to save us.”

–John Calvin, Commentary on the Psalms, Vol. 3 in Calvin’s Commentaries (Grand Rapids: Baker, 2001), Calvin is commenting on Psalm 71:19.

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