“Liberty to everyone” by Jonathan Edwards

“One of the great ends of Christ’s appearing in the world was to proclaim liberty to everyone that would accept of it. He offers a most glorious freedom from the worst of servitudes and bondages.

He opens the doors of the most filthy prisons and draws out of the most loathsome dungeons, redeems out of the worst captivity to a most cruel enemy, frees from the hardest drudgery and brings into a perfect and glorious liberty, even the liberty of the sons of God.” 

–Jonathan Edwards “Christian Liberty: A Sermon on James 1:25,” in Sermons and Discourses 1720-1723, The Works of Jonathan Edwards, Vol. 10, Ed. Wilson H. Kimnach (New Haven: Yale, 1992), 621. Edwards was 18 years old when he preached this sermon. It may be read here in its entirety.

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