“The Lord reigns” by John Newton

“The spirit of the nation seems like the thoughtless mariner asleep on the top of the mast, regardless of the danger which is increasing every day. Yet still I hope there is mercy.

The gospel spreads– grace reigns– the number of praying souls are upon the increase and their prayers I trust will be heard.

We are sure that the Lord reigns, that the storm is guided by the hands which were nailed to the cross, and that as He loves His own He will take care of them.

But they who have not an ark to hide themselves in will probably weep and wail before the indignation be overpast.

Blessed be God for the prospect of a land of peace where sin and every sorrow will be excluded. There we shall have a day without cloud and without night. The sun shall go down no more, the voice of war shall be heard no more.

The inhabitants shall feel pain no more, shall weep no more, shall go out no more. Then no more unsanctified, and therefore no more unsatisfied desires.

Oh what a state of love, life, and joy when we see Jesus as He is! And by beholding are changed into His image and made according to the utmost capacity of our natures perfectly like Him.

Well it shall, it will come, it approaches nearer every hour.

Love to Mrs. Bull, Tommy, Mr. Fordham, not forgetting Mr. Goode when you see him.

I am your sincere friend and brother, servant and fellow pilgrim,

John Newton
Hoxton, July 26, 1781”

–John Newton, “Letter LV” in Letters of the Rev. John Newton (London: Hamilton, Adams, and Co., 1847), 124-125.

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