“The universal fabric of the world” by John Calvin

“In the first place the Lord declares Himself to be the God who, having created heaven and earth, spread His grace and limitless bounty over the whole human race. Yet He has never for a moment ceased to nourish and support believers, and to sustain them with His special grace; in return He has been known and honoured by them.

By the same token He has, in the history of every age, demonstrated in a painting, so to speak, how unfailing is His goodness to believers, with what providence He watches over them, how read He is to do good to them, how mightily He aids them, how fervently He loves them, how patiently He bears with their faults, with what Fatherly gentleness He punishes them, and how He forever keeps His promises to them.

By contrast we see how severe is His wrath is kindled, and with what power His hand confounds and scatters them. This portrayal accords most closely with what we said was revealed in the universal fabric of the world.”

–John Calvin, The Institutes of the Christian Religion (trans. Robert White; Carlisle, PA: Banner of Truth, 1541/2014), 27.

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