“Who would not love Him” by John Owen

“Who would not love Him? ‘I have been with the Lord Jesus,’ may the poor soul say:

‘I have left my sins, my burden, with Him; and He hath given me His righteousness, wherewith I am going with boldness to God. I was dead, and I am alive; for He died for me.

I was cursed, and I am blessed; for He was made a curse for me.

I was troubled, but I have peace; for the chastisement of my peace was upon Him.

I knew not what to do, nor whither to cause my sorrow to go; by Him have I received joy unspeakable and glorious.

If I do not love Him, delight in Him, obey Him, live to Him, die for Him, I am worse than the devils in hell.'”

–John Owen, Communion With God, The Works of John Owen, Vol. 2 (Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 1965), 195.

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