“The education of sharp trial” by Theodore Cuyler

“God’s people are never so exalted as when they are brought low, never so enriched as when they are emptied, never so advanced as when they are set back by adversity, never so near the crown as when under the cross. One of the sweetest enjoyments of heaven will be to review our own experiences under this law of compensations, and to see how often affliction worked out for us the exceeding weight of glory. There is a great want in all God’s people who have never had the education of sharp trial.

There are so many graces that can only be pricked into us by the puncture of suffering, and so many lessons that can only be learned through tears, that when God leaves a Christian without any trials, He really leaves him to a terrible danger. His heart, unploughed by discipline, will be very apt to run to the tares of selfishness and worldliness and pride. In a musical instrument there are some keys that must be touched in order to evoke its fullest melodies. God is a wonderful organist, who knows just what heart-chord to strike.”

–Theodore Cuyler, God’s Light On Dark Clouds, (London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1882), 11-12.

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