“Mercy is Alpha, Justice is Omega” by Thomas Brooks

“Sins against mercy will bring the greatest and sorest judgments upon men’s heads and hearts. Mercy is Alpha, Justice is Omega. When mercy is despised, then justice takes the throne.

God is like a prince, that sends not His army against rebels before He hath sent His pardon, and proclaimed it by a herald of arms: He first hangs out the white flag of mercy. If this wins men in, they are happy forever; but if they stand out, then God will put forth His red flag of justice and judgment. If the one is despised, the other shall be felt with a witness.”

–Thomas Brooks, “Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices,” The Complete Works of Thomas Brooks, Volume 1, ed. Alexander Balloch Grosart (Edinburgh; London; Dublin: James Nichol; James Nisbet and Co.; G. Herbert, 1866), 28.

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  1. Is ther a way to sen d to special friends in Christ so that the print appears large as when I rec it?

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