“He sets our tears in His sight” by Augustine of Hippo (A.D. 354-430)

“Prayer is to be free of much speaking (Matthew 6:7), but not of much entreaty, if the fervor and attention persist. To speak much in prayer is to transact a necessary piece of business with unnecessary words. But to entreat much of Him whom we entreat is to knock by a long-continued and devout uplifting of the heart (Luke 18:1, 7).

In general, this business of prayer is transacted more by sighs than by speech (Romans 8:26), more by tears than by utterance (Psalm 126:5-6).

But He sets our tears in His sight (Psalm 56:8) and our groaning is not hidden from Him (Psalm 38:9) who created all things by His Word and who does not need human words.”

–Augustine of Hippo, “Letter 130 (A.D. 412)” in Letters, Volume 2 (83-130), Trans. Wilfrid Parsons (Washington, D.C.: CUA Press: 1953/2008), 391.

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  3. Nicole Cangelosi

    Yes, Prayer in the form of sighs and groans while we march on our journey home. Your wonderful mother stopped and smelled the pretty flowers blooming along the side of the road and taught so many to do the same! Love all of you! You girls are her baby flowers blossoming and will bring joy to many. It’s in your genes!

  4. Kris Ann Maestri

    I had the sweet privilege of sharing both tears and sighs in my prayers with your mom. She entreated to the Lord, and that is how she was made strong in her weakness, could look forward to the goodness in the land, knew how to be still and know her God, and is now receiving the crown of righteousness because of her perseverance. I see so many qualities of your mom in each one of you. Her love and special gifts are deep rooted in each of you in amazing ways. I love you all. Sending you a hug! Kris Ann

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